Workshops + Events

Oct 29

Are you new to e-commerce and need guidance on where to start?Discover how you can leverage e-commerce to set your business up for success.

Oct 30

Hosted by the Health Care Administration program at St. Lawrence College, the webinar will focus on how the current pandemic will change the global healthcare sector as we know it. What type of strategic shifts will leaders and administrators be required to make as they plan for a post-COVID-19 world? How should leaders within the healthcare sector better position their organization and employees for a world that will be very different from what it was pre-COVID?

Nov 4

Join us as we celebrate women entrepreneurs thriving with disabilities! Our featured guests are the co-founders of Two Canes Consulting.

Nov 4

The last 12 months have been an incredibly difficult and unique time for business owners across the province, the country, and the world. In order to survive, businesses have had to constantly innovate, evaluate, and adapt. But to go beyond survival to start recovering and thriving, businesses are going to need a plan.

Nov 17

During this workshop, we will discuss navigating the journey from Maker to Manufacturer.

Nov 19

An in-depth look at funding resources from grants to micro-loans, through to venture capital.

Nov 24

Join WE-CAN for an inspiring learning forum showcasing the successes of racially diverse women entrepreneurs in the Kingston region.

Nov 24

Dig further into market research for your business in Market Research 201!

Dec 1

A business plan is a critical tool for outlining the strategy and developing the tactics to manage your business.

Dec 2

Cash Flow is the number one factor that decides the success and longevity of a business. A mediocre business with well managed cash flow will always outlast a great business that manages cash flow poorly.