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Paying Tribute to What Makes Kingston Great

We all know good things grow in Ontario, and Kingston is no exception.

The homegrown talent in Kingston’s art community – from musicians, to writers, to artisans – includes internationally recognized bands like The Tragically Hip, The Glorious Sons, makers such as Rob Purvis, Aba Bowles-Mortley, and a diverse and high-end restaurant scene.

But that same arts community relies heavily on events and tourism to pay the bills. With many of Kingston’s creators feeling some pressure during the COVID-19 pandemic, Tourism Kingston has stepped up to pay tribute to the many creative people that make up the city.

“The goal of Together at Home: The Makers of Kingston is to provide financial support for our local makers while also providing feel-good content that can be experienced at home for the community more broadly,” said Alison Migneault with Tourism Kingston. 

The series includes livestreams of workshops and performances by local artists and crafters , a collection of at-home experiences such as virtual museum exhibits and Kingston-filmed movies and TV shows, and locally produced music videos. Tourism Kingston keenly focuses on Kingston’s historic charm and vibrant art scene when marketing the city, so this series is a nod to the people, places, and plates that help make Kingston a tourism hotspot.

Migneault said the response so far has been very positive, and Tourism Kingston has no plan to pause the series anytime soon.

“The livestreams seem to be resonating with our audience and the artists have been great collaborators, expressing thanks for the opportunity for paid work during this time,” she noted. “The children’s programming has been particularly well received. We hosted a Splash’N Boots livestream on Facebook recently that has thousands of views, hundreds of comments, and had families sharing images with us on social media.”

Migneault said series like this one serve a dual purpose in positioning Kingston as a great place to visit once the time is right and also supporting the community with entertainment during this challenging time.

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