Success Stories

Spearhead Brewing Company

In April 2018, Spearhead Brewery Company officially opened the doors to their state-of-the-art 16,000 sq-ft facility at 675 Development Drive in Kingston. Turning a vacant space in the west end of Kingston into a flourishing business.

In 2016, Spearhead Brewery was taken over by current owner Josh Hayter who chose Kingston as the new home for spearhead and to move from contract brewing to brewing in-house. In selecting Kingston as their headquarters, one deciding factor was the expertise of Pure Ingenuity, a Kingston company that designs and manufactures custom stainless steel and aluminum processing equipment, and the other was the warm reception that Josh and the other shareholders received from community stakeholders.

Spearhead’s commitment to Kingston is evident in the care was taken during all phases of the project to work with local suppliers and labour, including the tap-room mural artist and building a green operation investing in energy efficiency from construction through production, “We are very proud to be planting our roots in Kingston and adding to this already great craft beer landscape,” Hayter remarked.

Kingston Economic Development CEO Donna Gillespie celebrated the success of Spearhead Brewery Company at their one-year anniversary celebration, “It has been a pleasure to watch you flourish over this past year and to become so engaged with the community. In a short time, you have demonstrated yourself as leaders in the community and have helped advance the craft beer market with your innovative Passport program and the recent Restaurant Canada show. Josh and his team spearheaded these programs and has shown a commitment to working collaboratively with other craft brewers. It certainly is going to put Kingston on the map as a craft beer destination.”

Spearhead strives to brew innovative and creative drinks, which helped them with their significant success in its first year in Kingston, and why other craft brewers have approached Spearhead to help with their brewing, labeling, and distribution. It is important to Spearhead to work alongside other brewers to build the market and make Kingston a craft brewery destination. Currently, Kingston is one of the fastest growing craft brewery markets in Ontario.

In addition to their sustainability initiatives, Spearhead has committed to supporting the work of Kingston not-for-profits. The brewery sponsored Hospice Kingston’s 2017 “Hospice Fest”, and all proceeds from brewery tours are donated to Hospice Kingston. Spearhead has also made significant donations to the Kingston Partners in Mission Food Bank.