Success Stories

Kingston’s Spearhead Brewing Company sets sights on markets beyond the Beer Can

When the leadership team at Spearhead Brewing Company, a well-established brewery located in Kingston, Ontario, were discussing industry trends, it’s no wonder that their outside-the-box thinking landed them on the creation of Akwa, a new, non-alcoholic beverage. Officially born in 2011, with a major scaling in 2018 bringing Kingston one of the largest breweries/tap-rooms in the region, Spearhead Brewing Company has seen tremendous growth in their following, as well as the number of beer flavours they carefully craft in-house. We sat down with Spearhead to get a sense of what to expect with this addition in product offerings.

“When we looked at the needs of our client base, market trends and our in-house capabilities, it just made sense to expand our product line,” said Spearhead president Josh Hayter. "Flavoured sparkling water has taken the market by storm and it only made sense for us to develop  a product that combines our exceptional brewing practices with a pure, crisp and  clean flavour. That’s how our head brewer, Jacob Schmidt, came up with Akwa.”

When 2020 threw curveballs at most of the world consumer industries, Spearhead Enterprise took the opportunity to launch with Akwa. Akwa provides consumers with a zero calorie, zero sugar, 100 per cent  vegan option for alcohol free refreshment. “Since launching, the demand has been amazing,” said Hayter. “We’re seeing such an uptick in order diversity with the introduction of Akwa that we know we hit the mark with providing a new and diverse product line to our customer base.”

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