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Mobile Health and Medical Units For Hospitals and Community Clinics

As part of their response to the Government of Canada’s COVID-19 “Call To Action”, Kingston, Ontario based Feris Build Tech Inc. has announced the release of a new line of high performance, hospital grade Mobile Health and Medical Units.

The mobile health and medical units are made from the company’s core technology called Harmonic, an energy efficient building envelope system most commonly used in custom commercial and residential design-build applications.

The mobile units were originally intended for remote locations, however, in the wake of COVID-19, the company has turned its focus to creating designs that will meet the front line demands of the health care system. More specifically, the units can serve as quarantine and self-isolating rooms, decontamination and disinfection stations, and remote or urban urgent care sites. Everything the company manufactures can be custom specified and engineered. 

In addition to having an excellent health and safety profile, the COVID-19 ready units are incredibly energy efficient, highly customizable, and versatile for meeting specific community needs. Further, the units can remain on a trailer system or be installed onto pavement, concrete slab or a low impact foundation system made of 100% recycled plastic.

Feris Build Tech Inc. currently offers three types of mobile health and medical units: The Universal, The MultiCare, and The MicroCare. 

The Universal: This high performance unit is ideal for use as an assessment and treatment centre and features a self-contained disinfecting/decontamination station with its own entrance and exit. 

The MultiCare: This versatile model can be used as an assessment and treatment clinic, a transition centre, or a self-isolation unit for staff or patients. 

The MicroCare: This space efficient model can be used as a day assessment or treatment clinic, transition centre, or short term self-isolation unit for staff or patients. 

The company currently has the capacity to produce 10 units per week, and as many as 50 units or more per week if required. 

In addition to custom design build commercial and residential applications with Harmonic, the company also produces a line of prefabricated small homes and laneway homes using the same Net Zero ready technology.

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