Success Stories

City Of Kingston Approves Expansion Of Canada’s Only Wollastonite Mine

Canadian Wollastonite is Canada’s only wollastonite mine, located on 220 hectares of land straddling the north-east

Frulact Group Opens First North American Facility In KingstonEstablished in 1987, the Portuguese food processor Frulact Group selected Kingston, Ontario as the home for their first North American plant as well as research and development facility.  Frulact also has operations in Africa and Europe and is known globally for their fruit based preparations for the food and beverage industry.
Utility-Industry Partnership Is Building A Fibre Highway

Utilities Kingston is a key partner in building an advanced fibre-optic link between Montreal and Toronto that will power the local Kingston economy and attract new data-driven companies to the city.

Feihe Canada Royal Milk

In October 2016, Canada Royal Milk was established by established by Feihe International Inc. as a Canadian corporation and is Ontario’s newest food manufacturing company located in Kingston.  Feihe International, Inc.

Spearhead Brewing Company

In April 2018, Spearhead Brewery Company officially opened the doors to their state-of-the-art 16,000 sq-ft facility at 675 Development Drive in Kingston.

Space to Innovate

Step into the co-working space BPE Development has created on Kingston’s Queen Street and it doesn’t take long to figure out why they named it The Sanctuary.  The stone walls and high vaulted ceiling of this former church create a quiet, peaceful

Planning A Livable City

There’s a story that Jim Keech, the president and CEO of Utilities Kingston, likes to tell people to give them an idea of how Kingston works.