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Kingston Ranked As One Of Canada’s – Best Places to Invest


September 9, 2019

Kingston Ranked as One of Canada’s – Best Places to Invest

Kingston, Ontario, September 9, 2019 — Kingston, Ontario has been named one of twenty ‘Canada’s – Best Places to Invest’ Top Locations featured in the Site Selection Magazine

Foreign investments are prominent among the hundreds of projects tracked by Site Selection Magazine from April 1, 2018 through March 31, 2019 for this year’s province-level Canadian Competitiveness Award and regional Canada’s Best Locations honors. The recognition is derived from qualifying corporate facility investment project activity in Site Selection’s Conway Projects Database, based on meeting one of three criteria: at least $1 million invested; at least 20 new jobs created; or at least 20,000 new sq. ft. of space. Areas are evaluated on a cumulative and per-capita basis for job creation and capital investment affiliated with these qualifying projects.

Kingston Economic Development Corporation is proud to be supporting local and foreign investments that made this accolade come to fruition. In 2018, Kingston Economic Development Corporation hosted delegations from China, Africa, Israel, and India to showcase Kingston business investment opportunities. Recent foreign direct investment successes for Kingston include Portuguese fruit preparation manufacturer Frulact and infant formula manufacturer Feihe Canada Royal Milk – representing over $300M in new investment and the creation of 350 new jobs for Kingston upon completion.

Site Selection Magazine noted local investments adding up to $30.3M supporting hundreds of new jobs in Kingston. These investments come from new developments and expansion of existing businesses such as Robinson Industrial Court, Spearhead Brewing Company, New Empire Developments, Environmentall, Manitoullin Transportation, and more.

“I know from being in Kingston and on Queen’s University campus myself a few years ago how dynamic and innovative the community and its anchor institution continue to be, especially in their work partnering with growing companies in the region and beyond,” says Adam Bruns, managing editor of Site Selection Magazine. “It’s no surprise, then, that the Kingston Economic Development and its partners are now making new inroads internationally, as they seek further foreign direct investment and forge new connections.”

Kingston Economic Development Corporation is focused on strategic collaboration to position the city as an economic leader within a global context. “We are excited to see Kingston making the top places in Canada for business investment ranking. Our community’s success in foreign direct investment attraction continues to keep Kingston on the radar of site selectors and decision makers. We look forward to continued growth and investment in the coming years,” notes Donna Gillespie, CEO of the Kingston Economic Development Corporation.

Site Selection Magazine is a North American publication providing current and pertinent data to governments, investors and corporations for over 60 years. As one of Canada's – Best to Invest, Kingston will be featured at the International FDI Summit along with Toronto, Halifax, London, Vancouver, Hamilton, and more held in Huzhou, China, in October of 2019.

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