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Kingston Economic Development Fulfils Friends Of Kingston Freedom Of Information Request


July 25, 2019

Earlier today, the Kingston Economic Development Corporation (KEDCO) confirmed fulfillment of the Friends of Kingston Freedom of Information request.

A local group of concerned citizens known as Friends of Kingston requested access to records pertaining to KEDCO’s financial transactions for the years 2010 to 2015 including a list of all third-party contractors, reimbursement for expenses claimed by employees, corporate credit card statements and copies of all reports presented to the KEDCO Finance Committee during this period.

As part of this process, the Kingston Economic Development Corporation has identified staff expenditures that would not be approved under the current administrative policies and procedures of the organization.

Kingston Economic Development CEO Donna Gillespie, points to the new culture and accountability that now exists within the Corporation. “It’s fair to say that when I became Interim CEO in September 2015, we worked very hard to respond to issues being raised in the community for a new and different KEDCO.  We changed our approach on how we do business. Corporate policies were reviewed and tightened to increase accountability measures. A service level agreement between Kingston Economic Development and the City of Kingston with performance measures was put in place with regular reporting on activity and budget.”

Kingston Economic Development Board Chair Dave Carnegie, environmental engineer and co-owner of Malroz Engineering, stated: “We have to thank Friends of Kingston for initiating what has ultimately turned out to be an insightful exercise.  Due in part to the efforts of the 2016 Review Committee, and in combination with consistent effort by our current CEO, we are confident in our current policies and procedures as they relate to employee expenses.”

Carnegie added, “Our focus is on delivering investment and business support to the City of Kingston. We will continue to work with our partners in the community to share the positive message about economic opportunities that Kingston has to offer.”

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Donna Gillespie
Chief Executive Officer
Kingston Economic Development Corporation
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About Kingston Economic Development Corporation

Founded in 1997 as the marketing and business development arm for the City of Kingston, KEDCO’s mission has been to ensure that Kingston remains a world-class city by supporting economic growth and investment.

Since 2015, KEDCO has played a lead role in attracting over $300 million in new foreign direct investment to the city and was acknowledged in 2017/2018 by the UK Financial Times for having the best foreign-direct investment strategy for a small city in the America’s.

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