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Spearhead Brewing Co. Begins Distribution of Hand Sanitizer Collaboration with Community Partners

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May 15, 2020 

Spearhead Brewing Co. Begins Distribution of Hand Sanitizer Collaboration with Community Partners

Kingston, Ontario – May 15, 2020 - Spearhead Brewing Company is proud to join a group of like-minded community partners in a collaborative effort to aid in the supply and distribution of hand sanitizer to healthcare facilities in need during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As of Friday, May 15th, Spearhead Brewing Co. along with DuPont Canada, Pure Ingenuity, Mauser Packaging, KKP Kingston, Levac Supply, Kingston Honda, Lupin Pharma Canada, The Beer Store, with special help from Built In Durham, are launching a joint initiative to distribute Ethanol Hand Sanitizer to healthcare facilities at minimal expense. 

The Ethanol Hand Sanitizer has been produced and donated by DuPont. It is available for purchase through the Spearhead website courtesy of DuPont, in both 58.6 L kegs and 5L canisters. Kegs require a pump for use, which are also available on the website. The sanitizer itself is intended for the wholesale distribution to medical supply centres, local clinics and healthcare facilities that are currently in need, and priority will be given to these institutions for supply.

For more information on this program, please contact Josh Hayter, President, Spearhead Brewing Co.

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Spearhead Brewing Company launched in 2011. Originally contract brewing out of Cool Brewery, based in Etobicoke, Spearhead released its flagship beer, the Hawaiian Style Pale Ale, which quickly dominated the craft beer scene. Since then, Spearhead has output a vast array of “Beer Without Boundaries”, including the Moroccan Brown Ale, the Belgian Stout, Chardonnay Summer Ale, and the Jamaican Fire. Currently based out of Kingston, Ontario, Spearhead is a proud purveyor of quality Ontario Craft, pushing the boundaries of traditional brewing practices, and inviting you all to Drink In The Journey with us. 

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