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Li-Cycle Commercializes Lithium-Ion Battery Resource Recovery Technology in Kingston, Ontario

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Lithium-ion battery resource recovery company has successfully scaled up its first Commercial Spoke and Demonstration Hub in Kingston, Ontario

Kingston, Ontario, October 1, 2020 — The Kingston Economic Development Corporation is pleased to announce that Li-Cycle Corp. (Li-Cycle), a leading lithium-ion battery resource recovery company, has selected Kingston, as the home for its sustainable lithium-ion battery resource recovery technology. Li-Cycle has leveraged several resources in the Kingston community since its inception in 2016 and completed numerous stages of research and development, as well as piloting, to successfully roll out its first Commercial Spoke, with a processing capacity of 5,000 tonnes of lithium-ion batteries per year. Li-Cycle also completed the running of its Demonstration Hub in Kingston to determine key design criteria for the build out of the first Commercial Hub in North America scheduled for ramp-up during 2022. 

Li-Cycle Spoke & Hub Technologies enable a net offset/emissions reduction of 5.0 equivalent CO2 tonnes per weighted average tonne of battery material recovered. This net offset is primarily enabled by offsetting the need for production of the recovered materials via mining and refining of primary resources. At full commercial capacity from 2021 to 2035, Li-Cycle’s global market rollout plan is forecasted to result in a net reduction of up to 3,700 kilotonnes of CO2e on an annual basis. 

Since its inception, the company has developed and validated Li-Cycle’s Spoke & Hub Technologies – a unique and sustainable process that allows for the recovery ≥95% of all critical materials found in lithium-ion batteries, capable of producing battery-grade materials such as cobalt, lithium and nickel at purities required for battery manufacturing. Li-Cycle’s industry-leading processing technology uniquely positions the company to be a key player in supporting the growing international movement towards a zero-carbon economy and creation of a circular economy for lithium-ion batteries. By providing the same critical materials via resource recovery process, Li-Cycle is committed to minimizing the environmental impact of li-ion battery manufacturing. 

Critical to the speed of growth was collaboration with GreenCentre Canada and Kingston Process Metallurgy Inc. (KPM). Leveraging these two Kingston based organizations supported Li-Cycle’s early development and piloting activities through the provision of world class facilities, equipment and expertise.  This allowed Li-Cycle to grow rapidly based on the accelerated technology program carried out by KPM and GreenCentre Canada and develop a supply chain ready for massive intake, while on-boarding key staff as needed. GreenCentre Canada laid the groundwork while KPM accelerated Li-Cycle to become the leading lithium-ion battery recycler in North America in less than four years.

“I’m thrilled to be able to welcome Li-Cycle to Kingston. As a city, we’re committed to demonstrating leadership on climate action and so we’re excited to have such a leading company, committed to sustainability, decide to make Kingston home” says Mayor Paterson. 

Kingston is dedicated to building a less carbon-intensive economy. The Canadian city will be the first to have electric-powered ferries in Canada and is also electrified with nearly 100 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. The 2018 community greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions have decreased by almost 22 percent per dollar of GDP output since 2011. Li-Cycle’s technology will support Ontario’s decarbonization efforts while also creating more jobs in the cleantech sector to help boost the economy.

“We’re so excited to welcome Li-Cycle’s first demonstration to Kingston. Li-Cycle is a leader in clean technologies and it has been incredible to watch Li-Cycle process 50 tonnes of lithium-ion batteries per year to 5,000 tonnes per year in Kingston,” said Donna Gillespie, CEO of Kingston Economic Development Corporation.

Li-Cycle is a part of a growing footprint of cleantech investments in Kingston, with Samsung Renewable Energy Inc. investing in the Kingston Solar facility, a 100-megawatt facility that is one of the largest solar projects in Canada. The Lafarge Canada Low Carbon Fuel Demonstration Pilot Plant reduced CO2 emissions from cement production. Recently, Canadian Wollastonite is exploring decarbonizing options for low-carbon mining which would be the first of its kind. Li-Cycle is a clean technology company, with a revolutionary technology for recovering critical materials from end-of-life lithium-ion batteries, in order to provide sustainable battery materials back into the market, creating a closed-loop lithium-ion battery supply chain.

“Kingston has extraordinary ecosystem partners and technical assets. The technical infrastructure offered by KPM and GreenCentre Canada positions Kingston for a bright future in cleantech commercialization building on the Li-Cycle experience,” said Andrew Bacchus, Business Development Officer of Kingston Economic Development Corporation. “Kingston’s ecosystem is now ranked as a top ten startup ecosystem in Canada and we are thrilled that Li-Cycle is part of this ecosystem. As we are only 35 minutes to New York state, our ecosystem has been furthering innovation collaborations into Upstate NY. With that collaboration, Li-Cycle’s supply chain could one-day become an exciting cross-border data opportunity for blockchain and AI.”

“As part of Li-Cycle’s commercialization strategy, the current facilities in Kingston enable us to develop and leverage our Spoke & Hub technologies as a template for the build out of the Commercial Spokes and Hubs globally” said Ajay Kochhar, CEO and Co-Founder of Li-Cycle. “Li-Cycle is proud to bring our sustainable technologies to Kingston, as well as contribute to the growth of the cleantech industry. We’re committed to the decarbonization economy in Kingston and around the world.”

In January 2020, Li-Cycle was named a 2020 Global Cleantech 100 Company by the Cleantech Group. The company was selected out of 13,900 innovative companies from around the world for its contribution toward a sustainable future. In July 2020, Li-Cycle was named as a finalist for the Circular Economy Project of the Year by the BusinessGreen Leaders Awards.


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