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Kingston Economic Development Corporation

Kingston Economic Development Corporation was established in 1998 as a separately incorporated not-for-profit agency. Kingston's Economic Development Corporation is governed by a twelve-member Board of Directors with representation from the business community and municipal council (Mayor and three annually appointed councillors).

As the sales and marketing arm for the City of Kingston, Kingston's Economic Development Corporation is committed to the key issue of long-term economic sustainability. The Kingston Economic Development Corporation's success is based on the attraction of new business, the growth and retention of existing business and tourism opportunities as measured by the resulting economic impact on our community. Kingston's Economic Development Corporation oversees Attraction & Aftercare, Business Growth & Retention, Start-ups & Youth, Emerging Sectors and Workforce Development Portfolios.

The Kingston Economic Development Corporation's $1.8 million annual budget is generated through funding received from three levels of government, the City of Kingston, provincial and federal investment and private sector support/revenues.

Our Vision

An innovative city where private and public enterprises thrive, individuals and entrepreneurs grow, and a diversity of people want to visit, live, work and do business.

Our Mission

Provide dynamic and collaborative leadership by leveraging Kingston's unique assets to create jobs and investment in order to sustain, grow and transform Kingston's economy to meet the needs of the 21st century. We aim to be one of Canada's leading economies.

Corporate Values & Principles

The Kingston Economic Development Corporation is committed to:

  • Openness, transparency and accountability for the use of all public funds;
  • Highest standards of professional conduct;
  • Respect for client confidentiality;
  • Organizational excellence through efficient and effective operating procedures;
  • Strong commitment to the best practices of corporate governance.

Strategic Focus

A strong economic development strategy leads to job growth, new investments and an overall increase in economic output. With a focus on jobs and investment, both the creation of new and the retention of existing.

The Kingston Economic Development Corporation's Strategic Plan remains committed to the overarching goals of attracting and retaining jobs and investment for the city of Kingston. In order to grow the city's productivity and create new jobs for its citizens, the Kingston Economic Development Corporation has identified key issues of fundamental importance:

  • Exceptional delivery of BUSINESS SUPPORT SERVICES;
  • Substantial and continuous investment in HIGH PRIORITY GROWTH SECTORS which build upon Kingston's unique strengths and are aligned with provincial and national economic priorities;
  • Successful ATTRACTION OF LABOUR FORCE to meet Kingston employer's current and ongoing growth needs and support next generation of entrepreneur-led private sector companies

Attraction & Aftercare

Maintaining and strengthening existing and new relationships to position Kingston as a premier destination for foreign investment.

Business Expansion & Retention

Supporting local business to become more competitive, grow revenue and stay within the community and identify export-based companies with high growth potential.

Start-ups, Youth & Entrepreneurship

Assisting with the development of future business leaders by providing programs and services to entrepreneurs to help foster the next generation of business leaders.

Emerging Sectors

Identifying sector strengths, trends and future investment opportunities while supporting the incubation, acceleration and transfer of technology to promote future investment opportunities.

Workforce Development

Attracting and retaining people to live and work in Kingston to meet the needs of today’s employers and prepare for the needs of the workforce of the future.


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